• Rules




    You have seeds to offer (at least 3 different sorts).

    You have to present them (with photos is even better), with theirLatin name for our foreign friends (if you do not know, just ask me).


    - Either on your blog (Put "Seeds of Love 2014" as the title to your post)

    - On a Facebook article ("Article" on the left column, then "Write an article" on the top right)


    Also put a link to my blog.


    Then you send me the link to your post on your blog or to your article on Facebook (copy the address bar) at



    Give me your first name and also the country and the region where you live.


    I centralize all the participants on a page on my blog.

    I update the list every day from 1st to 20st January.




    How to participate ?



    To try to win the seeds of a participant, you just have to leave a comment under the post or article.

    Leave a comment on a blog, anyone can do it but, to leave a com on a Facebook article, you have to be friend with that person. If you do not count amoung your friends, you have to apply it as a message by adding "Seeds of Love".

    In the comment, you must leave  the number I'll get you assigned (to prove that you are participating).






    The one who offers seeds, chooses the number of winners (minimum 3).

    It can be chosen at random (by lottery)  or deliberately (because you appreciate the comment, for example.)

    The draw will take place on 21st January. Winners will be notified by mail and posted on your blog or FB article at the latest 22nd January.

    Seeds should absolutely be sent before February 15th !








    May we just participate without offering seeds ?


    No, you must prove your participation indicating in the comment, the number that I'll have given to you.


    Does each participant win a group of different seeds or just one sort ?


    He wins some seeds from each sort that are proposed unless he mentioned he just wanted some particular seeds.


    How to create an article on Facebook ?


    For the very beginners :

    Under your cover photo, "plus" then "article".

    Up and right, on "write an article".

    Insert your photos (look at "download your photos" and chose them in "files").

    Don't forget to record before you leave (down on the right).

    Then tell me your article is ready and I'll add it to the list of participants.


    If you want to contact me on Facebook, ask to be my friend. My name is Isabelle Olikier-Luyten.